Airtec tubes Gastec, Control and analysis of compressed air

Easy to use, Airtec tubes represent a simple and accurate method for controlling and analyzing compressed air in breathing air cylinders (self-contained breathing apparatus, supplied air systems, scuba diving cylinders, etc.). They measure carbon oxides (CO and CO2), nitrogen oxides (NO and NO2), water and oil vapors.

  • Control and analysis of compressed breathing air: CO, CO2, NO, NO2, water and oil vapors
  • A practical and light case for analysis directly on site
  • Simple and fast, a few minutes are enough for the measurement
  • Connection via a pressure reducer to avoid losses
  • Convenient and economical measuring method
Additional information

The Airtec tubes are a practical and easy to use gas detection system for the analysis of breathing air cylinders (SCBA, supplied air systems, breathing air trolleys, scuba diving). It is indeed essential to pay particular attention to the quality of the air breathed because contaminants could be generated by the air network or the compressor and could present a danger for the user's health.

The measurement procedure is relatively simple to perform and only takes a few minutes. To check for the presence of a contaminant, simply cut off both ends of the reagent tube and insert it into its holder, adjust the specified flow rate and note the limit of color change of the chemical reagent.

The Airtec tubes require no special training or technical skills and can be used simply and safely. They are supplied in boxes of 10 tubes and are designed to meet the requirements of the Compressed Gas Association's G-7.1 Tubing Standard.