Accuro pump Dräger for reagent tubes

The Accuro pump is a manual bellows sampling pump for measuring substances and gases with Dräger colorimetric reagent tubes. The pump body consists of a bellows which is compressed for measurement. When the bellows is released, the air is automatically pumped out, and the gas sample to be measured is sucked through the used reagent tube.

  • Easy-to-use bellows hand pump in combination with Dräger colorimetric test tubes
  • Integrated stroke counter for easy checking of the number of strokes performed
  • One-handed operation, suitable for use in ATEX areas
  • Integrated end-of-stroke indicator (pump stroke)
  • Integrated pipe cutter: Simple cutting of the pipes with a ceramic blade for a clean opening
Additional information

The Accuro pump is designed for easy one-handed operation for sampling gases with Dräger colorimetric reagent tubes. It is calibrated for 100 ml sampling per stroke. It has an integrated stroke counter, an integrated tube cutter, and no electrical components making it suitable for use in explosive atmospheres (ATEX zones).

The Accuro manual pump is suitable and popular for one-off measurements requiring a few pump strokes. For sampling requiring more strokes - some gases need up to 100 strokes - we would prefer the X-act 5000 pump with automatic samples. The latter features powerful functions such as the code printed reading on the Dräger tube.