Dräger HPS 7000 Euro fire helmet

The HPS 7000 euro fire helmet is an F1 helmet compliant with standard EN 443:2008 and equipped with the latest technological innovations to ensure even more safety in the fight against fires, vehicle fires and road rescue missions.

  • Fireman helmet, sturdy, durable, comfortable adjustable with a dial
  • Composite material, light and resistant
  • Multiple accessories: full face mask, lamp, eye protection, flaps ...
  • F1 helmet conforming to EN 443: 2008
  • Customizable front plate.
Additional information

The F1 HPS 7000 euro fire helmet can adapt to a head circumference ranging from 50 to 66 cm. Its 4-point adjustable cap allows it to adjust to all head shapes and offers maximum support and safety.

Thanks to its material alloys, the Dräger HPS 7000 euro fire helmet is one of the safest and lightest helmets in its class. It is available in 12 colors.

The Dräger HPS 7000 fireman helmet can be combined with the FPS 7000 full face mask, with a lamp on the top or on the side as well as various flaps, protective goggles, face shield or communication systems. Thanks to its multiple accessories, it adapts to many intervention situations.

The HPS 7000 euro fire helmet complies with the EN 443:2008 standard, the eye shield complies with the EN 14458:2018 standard, which allows safety in all circumstances.