Experts in gas detection and respiratory protection
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Service center

Our service center is equipped with the latest technology for controlling and periodically checking gas detectors and respiratory protective equipment. Our certified customer and technical teams are recognized for their expertise and reactivity with very short response time (within 2 or 3 working days).

gas detector calibration and maintenance for personal gas monitors and fixed gas detection systems at GazDetect's service center

Gas detection service center

Gas detection service center in FranceIt is essential to periodically control the proper operation of any gas detection sensor (catalytic, infrared, electrochemical, semiconductor or photoionization) through regular calibration and bump tests. Discover the service center

Gas detection training

gas detection service center: gas detector trainingAnyone who needs to use a PPE (personal protective equipment) like a gas detector shall know how to use it for proper operation and to reduce intervention risks in hazardous areas. That’s why it is highly recommended to follow gas detection training. We offer gas detection training in our facility or on your operation site.See gas detection training

Respiratory protection service center

Maintenance and periodical checkings of respiratory protection equipment, SCBA and PAPRs and SARAtmosphere supplying devices like supplied air respirators, self-contained breathing apparatus or emergency escape breathing devices are class 3 PPE that require annual control and periodical checkings.See the respirators service center

Scba training

GazDetect service center: complete SCBA training Any person who has to wear an SCBA (self-contained breathing apparatus) for professional use has to receive an SCBA training to avoid any dangerous behavior while using this device.Learn about the SCBA training

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