Type 1b CPS 7800 HAZMAT suit gas-tight

The reusable gas-tight HAZMAT suit CPS 7800 provides excellent protection against chemical, biological and bacteriological substances in gas, aerosol, liquid, and solid form. Made of D-mex, a flexible, antistatic, and highly resistant material, this coverall exceeds the most stringent protection requirements.

  • Type 1b gas-tight hazard suit with outdoor SCBA against chemical, biological and bacteriological substances
  • Composed of 5 layers of D-mex™ material that provides chemical resistance and mechanical protection exceeding international industry standards
  • BS 8467 approval, British requirements for CBRN protective suits
  • Operating temperature: -30°C to +60°C (-80°C max. for short-term exposure)
  • Antistatic, the coverall can be used in explosive areas (ATEX)
Additional information

The Dräger CPS 7800 HAZMAT suit is a category 3 type 1b "high performance" chemical protective suit with the SCBA worn outside the coverall. It offers increased flexibility and comfort in confined spaces and when working with cryogenic substances and is widely used in industry, the fire service, and the navy.

The HAZMAT suit Dräger CPS 7800 is manufactured in a unique material, D-mex™, consisting of five overlapping layers. The middle layer is of soft yet extremely strong textile. It is surrounded by layers of particularly robust elastomer and high-strength chemical protection layers. The coverall retains its whole protective capacity even if the outer material is damaged.

The diagonal fastener is designed for maximum ergonomics and allows the suit to be put on and taken off by itself. The HAZMAT suit CPS 7800 is lightweight and flexible, yet incorporates unmatched chemical and mechanical resistance. Dräger also offers optional adjustable shoulder straps to enhance the comfort and fit of the suit.

The HAZMAT suit CPS 7800 gas-tight reusable coverall is certified following the European and American standards for protection against radioactive, biological, and bacteriological particles in industry, rescue services, and the marine sector:

  • EN 943-1: 2002: EU requirements for gas-tight protective suits for industrial use
  • BS 8467: UK requirements for CBRN protective suits
  • EN 1073-1 / EN 1073-2: EU requirements for protective clothing against radioactive contamination
  • EN 14126: EU requirements for protective clothing against infectious agents
  • ISO 16602: 2007: International requirements for coveralls
  • EN 14594: 2005: Supply by constant flow supplied air respirator
  • SOLAS: Requirements for marine use