X-plore 5500 Dräger Full face mask

The X-plore 5500 is a dual-filter full face mask especially designed by Dräger to provide efficient respiratory and ocular protection against gases and particles. The 180° panoramic lens provides a wide field of vision and excellent peripheral vision. The mask body, made of durable EPDM elastomer, ensures outstanding comfort even during long-term wear.

  • Dual-filter full face mask for excellent load balance with a wide field of vision for close work or restricted access
  • Lens available in impact-resistant polycarbonate or scratch-resistant, chemical-resistant Triplex lens
  • Compatible with the wide range of Dräger X-plore bayonet filters
  • Waterproof design secured by a double three-lip seal
  • One size fits all, 5-point harness with flexible and adjustable attachment points
Additional information

The X-plore 5500 mission is to provide optimum respiratory protection in the presence of gases or particles. The two side cartridges of this dual-filter full face mask allow perfect load distribution. It is much in demand for precision work, mainly in grinding and welding activities; and phytosanitary applications.

Equipped with a panoramic polycarbonate or triplex glass visor and entirely unobstructed field of vision thanks to rear-facing bayonet filters, the versatile and comfortable X-plore 5500 dual cartridge respirator is suitable for many combined respiratory and eye protection applications.

The X-plore 5500 features a specific double three-lip seal for optimal sealing and protection. The mask body is made of high-strength EPDM elastomer to fit all shapes and sizes of faces. Thus, even in case of prolonged use, it remains comfortable to wear.

The X-plore 5500 dual-filter full-face mask is compatible with Dräger X-plore bayonet filters. This range of respiratory protection filters combines filtration power and modern design for optimal comfort in use.

With an excellent price/performance ratio and one size fits all, it is the ideal choice for operators who need comfortable respiratory protection at a reduced price. As with all Class 3 PPE, the X-plore 5500 dual-filter full-face mask is subject to annual periodic inspection.