X-plore 4700 Single-Cartridge Half Mask

The X-plore 4700 is a single-cartridge half mask especially designed for optimal protection and sealing. It is associated with the X-plore RD40 filter range (40mm universal thread) for the most common applications. Equipped with a "Drop-Down" system, the user can remove the mask without removing the helmet or visor.

  • Single filter half mask, standard Rd40 threaded connection of 40 mm following the NF EN 148-1 standard
  • Drop-Down" system: Allows withdrawing the mask without removing other PPE (helmet, protective visor, etc.)
  • Excellent comfort of use: flexible mask body with a pre-formed nasal fold
  • Available in two material versions: TPE (one size) or silicone (2 sizes)
  • Extremely robust and durable for intensive use
Additional information

The X-plore 4700 is a robust single-filter half mask that meets the highest requirements for comfort, seal, and wearability. It is available as a standard Rd40 threaded connection under EN 148-1 standard (40 mm universal filters) or with a special Rd90 connector (90 mm thread for Dräger Rd90 special filters).

The ergonomic head harness allows quick installation and removal, ensuring a perfect seal to all faces without tangling the hair. The "Drop Down" system makes it easy to take the mask off without having to remove the helmet, just by detaching the neck attachment. In the standby position, the half-mask rests against the chest, with the inner part protected against contamination.