PAC 8000 OV Portable Organic Vapor Detector

Based on an ethylene oxide (ETO) cell, the Pac 8000 OV is an accurate and economical portable organic vapor detector. It aims to detect some volatile organic compounds such as acetylene, vinyl acetate, butadiene, vinyl chloride, ethylene, ethanol, ethyl ether, formaldehyde, methanol, styrene, propylene, etc.

  • Detection of many VOCs (volatile organic compounds) based on an ethylene oxide (ETO) cell
  • Powerful 90dB audible alarm, flashing LED light, and vibrating alarm
  • IP68 ingress rating (waterproof and dustproof)
  • Data logger and event logger for analysis and reporting
  • Multiple certifications, it is ATEX, cCSAus, IECEx, CE approved
Additional information

With the same features as the PAC 8000 detector, the PAC 8000 OV portable vapor organic detector is a VOC detector with an electrochemical ethylene oxide (ETO) cell. Although it does not detect as broad a spectrum of gases as a PID sensor, it has the advantage of being almost totally insensitive to moisture.

It has a rugged, compact design to withstand harsh environments. It is ATEX certified, and most commercial or industrial applications can use it. Its IP68 housing is shock and chemical-resistant. Thanks to its special membrane filter, it is waterproof and dustproof. The large and text-free display indicates the gas concentration, the unit of measurement, and the battery life clearly.

Main gases detected*: Acetylene (C2H2) - Ethanol (C2H6O) - Ethylene (C2H4) - Ethylene oxide (C2H4O) - Formaldehyde (CH2O) - Styrene (C8H8)

*see the complete list of the gases detected in the specification sheet

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