Type 1b CPS 5800 Chemical protection suit

The CPS 5800 is a limited-use chemical protection coverall, gas-tight, liquid chemical splash-proof, aerosol-tight and solid particle-proof. It is a protective hazmat suit of category 3 type 1b, meaning that the breathing air supply (self-contained breathing apparatus - SCBA) is worn on the outside of the coverall.

  • Gas-tight chemical protection suit with SCBA worn outdoors (category 3 type 1b)
  • Integrated gas-tight gloves and socks with boot cover, can be used with different boot sizes
  • Permeation time > 480 minutes for many toxic chemicals
  • Large diagonal opening on the front for better implementation
  • Approved for industrial, fire department and marine use
Additional information

Very light (2,2kg), the CPS 5800 chemical protection suit is a PPE particularly adapted for the applications requiring maximum mobility. The SCBA is worn on the outside of the suit. It is made of Zytron® 500, a very soft laminate material that can support operating temperatures from -30 to +60°C.

Thanks to the quality of the material and manufacturing techniques, this limited-use protective clothing is made to last up to 10 years. The seams are all welded inside and out for a complete seal. The large diagonal front opening allows the suit to be put on and taken off without outside assistance.

With a permeation time of more than 480 minutes, the Dräger CPS 5800 suit offers maximum protection against acetone, acetonitrile, ammonia, butadiene, carbon disulfide, chlorine, dichloromethane, diethylamine, ethyl acetate, ethylene oxide, hydrogen chloride, methanol, methyl chloride, n-heptane, 40% caustic soda, 96% sulfuric acid, tetrachloroethylene, tetrahydrofuran, toluene.

The CPS 5800 gas-tight chemical protection suit is certified according to european standards and american ones for a use in industry, the fire services and marine sectors :

  • EN 943-1: 2002 : EU requirements for gas-tight protective suits for industrial use
  • ISO 16602: 2007 : International requirements for suits
  • EN 943-2: 2002 (ET) : EU requirements for gas-tight protection suits for firefighters intervention
  • SOLAS : Requirements for marine uses