Dräger Alcotest 6000 for professional use

The Dräger breathalyzer 6000 enables the professional user to perform breath alcohol testing quickly and accurately. With more than one million units sold worldwide, the measurement technology of this portable, compact, and easy-to-use instrument is well-proven. It can also measure alcohol in the air (passive).

  • Electronic breathalyzer for professional use with the same technology used by law enforcement
  • Allows carrying out active and passive breath testing (ambient alcohol content)
  • Allows obtaining the blood alcohol level in a simple and hygienic way
  • Operates with 1 CR123A battery for about 1500 tests
  • Storage of the last 500 tests with test numbers
Additional information

The tried and tested electrochemical sensor of the Dräger alcotest 6000 features a fast response time and long service life. The analysis is reliable and accurate and allows for testing (active) on a subject or measuring alcohol in the ambient air (passive), in which case no mouthpiece is necessary.

The advanced design of this product allows for a quick, easy and hygienic breath alcohol test. Thanks to its design, the Slide'n'click mouthpiece fits intuitively into the holder, even in the dark. Once the mouthpiece has been changed, the Electronic Alcotest 6000 can be used again immediately.

For calibration or gas testing of electronic alcotests, we offer a wide range of calibration gases (in this case, ethanol) in disposable bottles.