PARAT 5500 Fire escape hood (CO & fine particles)

The Dräger PARAT 5500 fire escape hood was developed in cooperation with users to enable the fastest possible evacuation. Its function, optimized wearing comfort, and CO-P2 filter guarantee 15 minutes of protection against toxic gases, vapors, and particles caused by the fire during the evacuation.

  • Fire escape hood against gas, vapors and toxic particles caused by the fire
  • CO-P2 high performance filter (carbon monoxide and fine particles) with a maximum breakthrough of 15 mins
  • Limit of use : 16 years with a filter replacement every 8 years
  • Great visibility, wide field of vision and anti-fog covering
  • Bright colored hood to ensure good visibility
Additional information

In compliance with the EN 403:2004 regulation for the emergency escape hood, and tested for use against H2S (at 2500 ppm) according to DIN 58647-7, the PARAT 5500 fire escape hood guarantee a protection of 15 minutes against gas (carbon monoxide among other) and other toxic particles caused by the fire.

The fire escape hood is available with two types of packaging : a hard case for protection against water splashes (IP54) or a convenient soft case for protection against dust (IP5). Both packages feature sight glasses to check the expiration date and the condition of the equipment.