Dräger Breathalyzer Alcotest 5000 for professionals

The Dräger breathalyzer 5000 is a breath alcohol testing device for professional use. The test requires no physical contact with the test subject. Just blow into an especially designed cone to prevent the return of exhaled air, eliminating the risk of infection of subsequent test persons to test up to 12 persons per minute.

  • Professional use electronic breathalyzer with the same technology used by law enforcement
  • Hygienic, non-contact sampling cone optimized to eliminate backflow of exhaled air
  • Memory: Stores the last 500 test results with number, date, and time
  • Display showing test results and alert messages
  • 3 AA batteries allow for over 5,000 tests
Additional information

The Dräger breathalyzer Alcotest 5000 is an ultra-fast electronic breathalyzer that can perform numerous tests in record time. For law enforcement and private security companies, detecting the alcohol consumption of many people in a short time is a significant challenge. Large-scale operations are an example, like access controls at the workplace, in stadiums, on public transport, or at airports.

The test does not require any physical contact with the test subject. There is no need to attach or remove any mouthpiece, as the test involves just blowing into a cone. Thanks to its unique design, the Dräger 5000 breathalyzer specifically engineered cone prevents any backflow of exhaled air from the subject, thus eliminating the risk of cross-contamination from previous ones. After use, the cone is easy to replace to ensure proper hygiene.

For calibration or gas testing of electronic breathalyzers, we offer a wide range of calibration gases (in this case, ethanol) in disposable bottles.