PARAT 4700 Escape hood (filtering evacuation device)

The PARAT 4700 escape hood features an ABEK P3 filter that guarantees protection for a maximum of 15 minutes against toxic industrial gases, vapors, and particles. Thanks to its universal size, this escape device is suitable for all face morphologies and offers the user both breathing and eye protection.

  • Emergency evacuation hood with ABEK P3 multi-gas filter (maximum breakthrough time of 15 minutes)
  • 16 years of use with filter replacement every eight years
  • Good visibility, wide field of vision, and anti-fogging coating
  • Suitable for users wearing glasses or a beard
  • Approved to DIN 58647-7 (filtering escape devices)
Additional information

The PARAT 4700 escape hood is an emergency escape device consisting of a hood associated with an ABEK P3 type filter and providing efficient protection for 15 minutes against organic and inorganic gases and vapors (except carbon monoxide), acids, sulfur dioxide, ammonia, and its derivatives, as well as fine particles, aerosols, viruses, and bacteria.

It is an innovative and very intuitive escape filter device to use. When opening the packaging, the filter cap automatically pops out of its housing, and the hood can be put on immediately. Thanks to the self-adjusting inner flange, no further adjustment is required.

Two types of packaging are available: a soft bag with dust protection for ease of carrying or a harsh, splash-proof case. Both types of packaging are equipped with sight glasses to check the expiration date and the equipment's condition. The tamper-evident closure is practical and makes it possible to check that the package has not been opened yet.