CO / NO Respiratory protection filters (ABEK2HgNOCO20-P3)

The CO / NO filters are "super cartridges" filtering particles and aerosols, organic and inorganic vapors, acids, ammonia and its derivatives, and mercury vapors. They filter especially carbon monoxide (CO) and nitrogen monoxide (NO), gases that are particularly difficult to filter due to their properties.

  • Filter CO / NO: protection against carbon monoxide and nitrogen monoxide in addition to maximum chemical protection
  • Respiratory protection filters Rd40 DIN (EN 148-1) compatible with EN 136-approved full face masks
  • Limited duration of use (20 minutes maximum)
  • Aluminium housing with interior treatment
  • Intended for evacuation from the danger zone
Additional information

Certain gases or vapors such as CO, NO or NO2 have such special properties that they have required the construction of specially impregnated catalyst or activated carbon filters.

In order to filter the CO, a catalyst system is used, in which this gas, in contact with the oxygen in the air, is transformed into CO2, a much less dangerous gas. Since CO is colorless and odorless, CO filters are equipped with a resistance warning device, which warns the user when the filtering capacity is nearing its end.

In most cases, an isolating system (self-contained breathing apparatus or supplied air system) is preferred when these gases are present. CO / NO filters are a partial solution to this problem.

There are two types of CO/NO filters mainly dedicated to evacuation in case of danger - the A1B2E2K1Hg CO20 NO P3 or A2B2E2K2Hg CO20 NO P3 - all with the same CO/NO filtration level. The only difference is less powerful filtration for organic vapors (A) and ammonia and its derivatives (K).

Two major manufacturers of respiratory protection equipment offer CO / NO filters in the DIN 40 version: Dräger X-plore filters compatible with X-plore 6300 and X-plore 6530 full face masks and Spasciani Rd40 filters. Due to their universality, these filters are also compatible with most EN 148-1 approved gas masks (40 mm universal thread).