X-plore 6300 Full face respirator

The X-plore 6300 is a full face respirator for respiratory protection with a DIN Rd40 connection (40 mm universal filters) complying with EN 148 standard. Manufactured in hypoallergenic EPDM, featuring an efficient ventilation system and a wide field of vision, it provides a safe and comfortable seal for all body types.

  • Hypoallergenic Class 2 single filter full face respirator (one size fits all)
  • Compatible with RD DIN40 filter cartridges with 40 mm universal thread (EN 148-1)
  • Scratch-resistant PMMA Plexiglas lens with a wide field of vision
  • Efficient integrated ventilation system with half inner mask
  • Compatible with Dräger X-plore Rd40 filters
Additional information

The X-plore 6300 full face respirator is a respiratory protection device especially designed for use in industrial environments. This single-filter mask, in heavy-duty and hypoallergenic EPDM elastomer, has a double seal for maximum reliability, comfort, and safety. Economical, this respirator adapts perfectly to all morphologies.

Its wide, scratch-resistant PMMA plexiglass visor offers a 180° viewing angle without distortion. For greater comfort, the X-plore 6300 full face respirator contains an integrated ventilation system that prevents fogging and condensation inside the visor.

The universal size and the special 5-point harness make the mask easy to put on and take off. The specific design of its fastening straps avoids any pressure on the user's head or face. Therefore the user can wear the respirator for long periods without disturbance.

This full face respirator is compatible with Dräger X-plore Rd40 filters. These filters have the particularity of being equipped with a universal Rd40 connection following the European standard EN 148-1. These filter cartridges purify the air entering the mask from any contaminant that could be hazardous to the user.

A powered air purifying respirator (PAPR), such as the X-plore 8500, is more suitable for strenuous or long-term work. As with all Class 3 PPE, the X-plore 6300 full-face respirator is subject to annual periodic inspection.