Spasciani DIN Rd40 filters (universal thread 40 mm)

Spasciani DIN Rd40 filters combine know-how and advanced technology in the filtration field. They are approved to the latest EN standards in force, marked "R" for reusable and with a standard thread EN 148-1 40mm and compatible with all full face masks approved EN 136 and half-masks approved EN 140.

  • Respiratory protection filters Rd40 DIN (Rd40 mm x 1/7") according to EN 148-1 marked "R" for reusable
  • Wide range of filters: particulate, anti-gas, Nuclear/Reactor, and CO/NO filters (ABEK-Hg-NO-CO20-P3)
  • Compatible with EN 136 full face masks and EN 140 half masks
  • Lightweight and durable polypropylene housing
  • Excellent quality/price ratio
Additional information

The DIN Rd40 universal filters combine advanced technology with Spasciani's exclusive filtration know-how. With an excellent quality/price ratio, the available range covers the entire field of application of respiratory filters, all of which comply with EN standards and carry the CE 0121 mark. Made of polypropylene, they are light, versatile, and suitable for most applications with optimal filtration.

Spasciani DIN Rd40 filters are compatible with TR2002 and TR82 full-face masks. They are also compatible with most EN 148-1 approved gas masks (40 mm universal thread) thanks to their universality. They are highly recommended for protection against asbestos (level 1), phytosanitary protection (A2-P3 filtration), protection against VOCs (AX or AX-P3 filtration), protection against radioactive particles (Iodine 131) or protection against CO/NO.