PARAT 3200 escape mask (filtering escape device)

The PARAT 3200 escape mask is a filtering escape device with a mouthpiece and nose clip equipped with a specific ABEK-15 filter. Certified ATEX zone 0 and registered according to the DIN 58647-7 standard (industrial evacuation air purifying devices). It provides its wearer efficient protection of 15 mins maximum.

  • Emergency filtering escape device with a mouthpiece and ABEK-15 multi-gas filter (15 minutes maximum of breakthrough time)
  • Limit of use : 12 years with a filter replacement every 4 years
  • Robust case for daily use in difficult conditions
  • Can be used with other PPE : safety glasses, rescue helmets, etc.
  • Certified DIN 58647-7, ATEX and for zones 0, 1 and 2
Additional information

Stored in its robust and ergonomic case, the PARAT 3200 escape mask is compact, easy to carry and provides a maximum of 15 minutes of effective protection against organics and inorganics particles (except carbon monoxide), acids, sulfur, ammonia and its derivates in case of emergency evacuation.
The integrated belt-clip ensures comfortable and safe transportation. Other optional accessories are available (crocodile clip, fall arrest hook, shoulder strap and wrist strap).
The PARAT 3200 escape mark is certified ATEX zone 0 (gas and dust). A tropicalized version (PARAT 3260) is also available, vacuum packed in an aluminum bag, suitable for use in tropical climates.