Air purifying unit for supplied air systems

The PAS breathing air purifying unit has been designed to efficiently purify all air supplies of the supplied air respirators. It allows the removal of solid and liquid particles, including vapors and oil odors. However, the use of these terminals requires that the air, upstream, complies with the EN12021 standard.

  • Air purifying unit for supplied air system, wall mounting or portable version with 3 stands for high stability
  • Equipped with a coalescing filter (solid and liquid particles), an activated carbon filter and a condensate tank
  • Air pressure manually adjustable by the user via the filter
  • Polyethylene case makes the filter unit robust and stable
  • Compatible with the full range of PAS breathing air devices
Additional information

The air purifying unit for supplied air systems is available in a wall-mounted or floor-standing version. The CEJN connections on the wall-mounted version are located at the bottom of the unit, allowing respirator users to move in any direction without twisting the hoses. The portable model with carrying handle and side connections has three stands that protect it from dirt, also providing stability on uneven surfaces.

The primary pressure of the hose can be easily adjusted at the filter with a key for connecting compressed air breathing apparatus in compliance with standards NF EN 14593 and NF EN 14594 for positive pressure and normal pressure masks. The set pressure is displayed on the manometer directly at the filter.

The air purifying unit for supplied air systems is conceived in polyethylene for an optimal robustness. A pre-filter is also available for use in a dirty environment. It is compatible with the X-plore 9300 and PAS X-plore supplied-air devices as well as the PAS Colt and PAS Micro SCBAs with the Dräger PAS ASV automatic switch, which allows the connection of a SCBA to a supply of air.