Radius BZ1 Area monitor

With 15 sensor options, including a PID for VOC (volatile organic compound) detection, the Radius BZ1 area monitor can simultaneously detect up to seven gases. Constructed of a weather-resistant, impact-resistant polycarbonate alloy, it is a rugged and flexible solution for monitoring a defined perimeter or confined space.

  • 7-gas area monitor to detect explosive gases, Cl2, ClO2, CO, CO2, H2, H2S, HCl, HCN, NH3, NO, NO2, O2, SO2 &COV (volatile organic compounds)
  • Powerful 108 dB audible alarm and visual alarm (blue and red ultra-bright lights)
  • Autonomy: 168 hours without pump (7 days) and 84 hours with pump
  • Available in diffusion version or with pump
  • Optional LENS Wireless communication
Additional information

The Radius BZ1 area monitor combines power and flexibility for the simultaneous detection of up to 7 gases of a wide range of explosive or flammable gases, toxic (Cl2, ClO2, CO, H2, H2S, HCl, HCN, NH3, NO, NO2, SO2), asphyxiating (lack of oxygen, CO2) and more than 300 VOC (volatile organic compounds).

In case of abnormal concentrations, the powerful audible (108 dB at 1 m) and visual (blue and red ultra-bright lights) alarms alert every operator in the area, even in noisy and dark environments. In case of emergencies, personalized action messages such as "EVACUATE" or "VENTILE" can be configured.

The particularity of this area gas monitor is its SafeCore® module which concentrates all the crucial technological elements (detection cells, diffusion or pump mode, LENS Wireless communication, etc.). Small and light, it can easily be removed to be connected to a docking station for parameterization or periodic verification of the cells while limiting the logistics and transport costs associated with a bulky site monitor.

With LENS™ Wireless technology available for the Radius BZ1 area monitor and Ventis Pro5 portable detectors, field responders are interconnected with each other. So when a device goes into alarm due to a gas hazard, a "man in distress" alarm, or a panic situation, all peers in the connected group will be instantly informed of the danger.

Combining ruggedness and flexibility to monitor up to 7 gases simultaneously, the Radius BZ1 worksite monitor is one of the most popular detectors of our wide range of portable gas detectors.

Main explosive gases* detected: Butane (C4H10) - Hydrogen (H2) - Methane (CH4) - Pentane (C5H12) - Propane (C3H8)  

Main toxic gases* detected: Ammonia (NH3) - Carbon dioxide (CO2) - Carbon monoxide (CO) - Chlorine (CL2) - Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) - Hydrogen chloride (HCl) - Hydrogen cyanide (HCN) - Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) - Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) - Nitric oxide (NO) - Oxygen (O2) - Sulfur dioxide (SO2)

Main volatile organic compounds* detected: Acetylene (C2H2) - Benzene (C6H6) - Dimethylethylamine or DMEA (C4H11N) - Ethanol (C2H6O) - Ethylene (C2H4) - Ethylene oxide (C2H4O) - Isobutylene (C4H8) - Methyl acetate (C3H6O2) - Perchloroethylene (C2Cl4) - Styrene (C8H8) - Toluene (C7H8)

*See the complete list of gases detected in the product sheet

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