The LENS™ Wireless technology

The LENS™ wireless technology - available with the Radius® area gas monitor and the Ventis® Pro portable wireless gas detector - is a brand new global safety solution for people working in hazardous atmospheres. Now these devices are able to remotely communicate with each other wirelessly …

The LENS™ Wireless technology
  1. The Ventis MX4 portable 4-gas detector is very popular with confined space workers (see CATEC training). It detects explosive gases (0-100% LEL), lack of oxygen (O2), carbon monoxide (CO), and hydrogen sulfide (H2S). It can be used in diffusion mode or remote gas sampling mode with the optional VSP clip-on pump.

    • ATEX 4-gas detector: Explosive gases (0-100% LEL), O2, CO, H2S, NO2 or SO2 sensors too
    • 95 dB audible, visual and vibrating alarms for two thresholds, STEL and TWA (Threshold Limit Value and Average Exposure Value)
    • Very robust, shockproof, water and dust resistant (IP66 and IP67
    • Small and compact: first multi-gas detector of the size of a single gas
    • Optional VSP clip-on pump for remote gas sampling up to 30 m
  2. With 15 sensor options, including a PID for VOC (volatile organic compound) detection, the Radius BZ1 area monitor can simultaneously detect up to seven gases. Constructed of a weather-resistant, impact-resistant polycarbonate alloy, it is a rugged and flexible solution for monitoring a defined perimeter or confined space.

    • 7-gas area monitor to detect explosive gases, Cl2, ClO2, CO, CO2, H2, H2S, HCl, HCN, NH3, NO, NO2, O2, SO2 &COV (volatile organic compounds)
    • Powerful 108 dB audible alarm and visual alarm (blue and red ultra-bright lights)
    • Autonomy: 168 hours without pump (7 days) and 84 hours with pump
    • Available in diffusion version or with pump
    • Optional LENS Wireless communication
  3. The Ventis Pro5 is a portable multi gas detector with PASS (Personal Alert Safety System). It can detect up to 5 gases simultaneously, such as explosive gases, ammonia, chlorine, hydrogen cyanide, nitrogen dioxide, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, oxygen, phosphine, hydrogen sulfide, and volatile organic compounds.

    • The smallest portable multi gas monitor on the market (explosive, toxic, asphyxiating gases, and volatile organic compounds)
    • Integrated PASSTI functions (protection of isolated workers) with "dead man alarm" and "panic button
    • Alarm: sound (95 dB), red LED light, and vibration
    • Robust, shockproof, water and dust-resistant device (IP68)
    • 3 months event log with 10 seconds interval

The LENS™ Wireless technology - a wireless gas detector

The LENS™ wireless technology is a new way to manage safety. Thanks to this technology, when an area gas monitor or a wireless gas detector triggers its alarm following a gas hazard, a « man in distress » signal or a panic situation, every connected unit will be instantly aware of the hazard.


Wireless gas detector, man in distress LENS™ Wireless technologyIf any gas detection equipment enters its alarm mode (because of a gas presence, panic button activation or isolated distress with the man down integrated detector), any people equipped with a wirelessly connected portable gas detector will be instantly warned. The purpose is to reduce the decision chain in order to act fast in case of an important risk.


The communication between different teams is a key element to ensure optimal safety in hostile environments. As soon as a hazardous situation occurs, every teams can be alerted to reinforce safety as soon as possible …

Typical applications for the LENS™ Wireless gas detection solution

The LENS wireless technology is a global safety solution that is very efficient in a large panel of situations such as confined space entry (crawl space, manhole, sewer system, tanks…), tunnel works (construction, repair, maintenance) or any building site (construction yard) or SEVESO & COMAH (control of major accidents hazards) sites…

LENS™ wireless technology: wireless gas detector a well-suited solution for confined  space entry applicationsConfined space entry

The LENS™ wireless technology is a particularly well-suited solution for confined space entry applications. The Radius® area gas monitor will be used as a communication relay: with an area monitor at the bottom of the well and one on the surface it will be easy to link other wireless gas detector users on the surface to the ones working underground.


After performing sample tests before any intervention, people who will perform the confined space entry just need to pair their wireless gas detection portable devices to an area gas monitor. In case of alarm or panic button activation, surface teams are instantly alerted and are warned about the hazard type in order to quickly and safely evacuate.


In case of a particularly deep well, it will be possible to use several area gas monitors to relay up to 1500 meters (see next paragraph « Tunnel works »).

Tunnel works

Lens Wireless gas detector in confined space, tunnel and underground worksParticularly adapted in tunnels, a wireless gas detection through the LENS Wireless system can spread up to 1500 meters thanks to frequency hopping between devices: the maximum distance between two compatible devices is 300 meters.


Thanks to this large distance of communication, people who are working in tunnels or large


pipes are instantly alerted about any hazard that could occur to other teams. Thus they are able to act quickly and safely.

Construction sites

Building large facilities involves several types of specific hazards. Contrary to the confined space entry, the outdoor work implies wind direction and risk of toxic or combustible gas displacement. Once a hazard is detected, every worker is alerted and can double vigilance to avoid any accident.


LENS™ Wireless technologie - Wireless gas detectors



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