parking garage gas detection system

Parkings are usually poorly ventilated confined spaces. The regular flow of vehicles exhausts combustion gases that are particularly harmful for health like carbon or nitrogen oxides. These hazardous emissions are even higher while cold starting vehicles. Using a parking garage gas detection monitor is oftentimes recommended (when not required) to secure these confined spaces.

Parking garage gas detection

The main harmful gases found in parkings are carbon monoxide (CO) and nitrogen oxides (NOX) like nitric oxide (NO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2). Other gases are present as well like LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) and hydrogen with electric or hydrogen vehicles (potential release of hydrogen during charging).

In case of a presence of gas at dangerous concentration levels, relays will be activated. Parking garage ventilation system or visual and audible alarms can thus be triggered for evacuation. These safety devices are all connected to the gas detection controller with preset actions.

Parking garage ventilation system and smoke extraction

Most of car parks are equipped with air extractors in order to prevent risks related to toxic gas. Even if they are efficient, these units are energy intensive since ventilation systems operate at fixed or random times regardless of the toxic gas concentrations…

With constant monitoring of concentrations, gas detection controllers for parkings ensure safety. They also are cost-efficient as they activate ventilation systems and smoke extractors only when needed. A continuous monitoring reduces operations costs by optimizing ventilation systems’ efficiency.

Our parking garage gas detection controllers:

In many countries around the world the installation of gas detection systems - fixed gas detectors & controller - for parking garages with over 500 parking spots is mandatory.

Digital fixed gas detector - OLCT10N

Digital gas detection controller - MX32N

Multichannel gas detection controller, 43 channels - MX43

Car Park gas detection system for parking and tunnels – CPS