FT883 Rotating beacon

The FT883 is a rotating beacon designed to signal an ongoing process or imminent danger in a hazardous environment. It is a light signalling device that attracts attention from a distance by emitting 360 degrees of light. Thanks to its 3 Fresnel lenses, this beacon is visible from a distance even in case of heavy smoke, fog, or heavy rain.

  • Available voltages: 12 VDC, 24 VDC/VAC, 115 VDC/VAC, or 230 VAC
  • four colours available: red, orange, green and blue
  • Very bright light, especially when there is very reduced visibility
  • Can be installed in any position (including upside down)
  • Very long life and high impact resistance
Additional information

This multi-purpose rotating beacon is mainly suitable for signalling imminent danger without creating a sense of panic with the sound of a siren. It is set up in laboratories and hospitals to signal a risk of helium leakage in MRI rooms, a hydrogen peroxide leakage in sterilisation and bio-contamination, and even in veterinary clinics to signal a risk of anaesthetic gas leakage (isoflurane).

We also can use it in conjunction with a gas detection controller equipped with fixed gas detectors. It is also possible with an additional AL1 audible and luminous sign to better identify the nature of the danger ("Danger gas"; risk of anoxia, etc.).