Roof safety harness kit for carpenters, roofers, zinc workers

The roof safety harness kit includes the essential elements for every intervention at height for carpenter, roofers, zinc workers or chimney sweepers. It is composed of the NUSL2 ECO fall arrest harness with 2 attachment points (sternal + dorsal) in compliance with the EN361 standard, a mobile fall arrest with energy absorber, a strap ring and a storage and transport bag.

  • Complete kit for work on roofs including the harness, a fall arrester with energy absorber, a strap ring and a transport bag
  • 2 attachment point harness: 2 sternal points on textile buckle to be connected together and 1 dorsal point on metal "D"
  • Energy absorber with integrated halyard lanyard and removable connector 
  • Polyester strap ring width 21 mm
  • One size fits all, validated by tests at 140 kg
Additional information

Whether it is a carpenter, a roofer, a zinc worker or even a chimney sweep, working on roof, or therefore at height, is considered as very risky and a source of accidents. Article R4534-85 clearly states that when workers are called upon to work on a roof, appropriate measures - such as a roof safety harness - must be taken to avoid any risk of falling.

Multiple accessories such as a back point extension strap, a comfort backrest or a removable lanyard holder are available to make the fall arrest harness more practical and comfortable.