E2XS ATEX Electronic Siren

The E2XS ATEX electronic siren is an audible alarm device especially suitable for harsh industrial environments or explosive atmospheres. With 45 different sounds (including the AFNOR NS32001 sound) and audio power of 116 or 121 dB, it is suitable for applications in the oil, gas, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries.

  • High-performance ATEX electronic siren for zone 2 (gas) or 22 (dust)
  • Available in 116 dB or 121 dB versions with potentiometer adjustment
  • Temperature ranges from -20°C to +55°C Protection class IP66/IP67
  • 24Vdc, 115Vac, or 230 Vac operation
  • Excellent price/performance ratio
Additional information

In combination with one or more fixed gas detectors connected to a gas detection controller, the E2XS ATEX electronic siren is an important audible device for industrial installations meeting ATEX standards. In addition to this device, we offer a wide range of ATEX accessories such as cable glands, junction boxes, emergency stops, switches, glass breakers, etc...

With its excellent manufacturing quality (UV-resistant, fireproof polyphenylene sulphides) and numerous certifications, this waterproof siren generates up to 116 dB or 121 dB. It also can be used to sound alarms in noisy explosive atmospheres in gas boiler rooms or the oil and gas industries. For ATEX category 1 (gas) or 21 (dust) zones, the BEXS ATEX siren is the preferred choice.