SONOS LED Light and sound alarm

Both small and medium-sized gas and fire detection systems use the SONOS LED light and sound alarm. It is available in 17-60 VDC or 110-230 VAC versions. With a high sound power of 106 dB, combined with a low power consumption LED light, the SONOS handset is particularly suitable for indoor applications.

  • 106 dB sound and light combination with LED light
  • 32 sounds available, including the AFNOR NF32001 sound
  • Available in 2 versions 17-60 Vdc or 110-230 Vac
  • 360° sound and visual diffusion
  • Low power consumption
Additional information

The SONOS LED sound and light alarm in ABS and polycarbonate is a combined device often used in indoor tertiary applications (offices, storage rooms, laboratories, etc.) as a back-up to a gas detection controller equipped with fixed gas detectors. We can use the 24 VDC version in addition to a stand-alone detector due to its low power consumption.

Thanks to its small size and attractive performances, it can be found in wine-making as a complement to a CO2 detection, in establishments open to the public (ERP), in small gas boiler rooms of buildings as a complement to the gas or fire detection or as a complement to refrigerant installations. The outdoor applications subject to severe weather conditions might prefer the NEXUS-C combined sound and light system.