NEXUS-C Waterproof siren and light combination

The NEXUS-C waterproof siren and light combination is a visual and audible alarm device. It is waterproof and dustproof to IP66 and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use in the commercial and industrial sectors. It is available in 10-60 Vdc or 85-260 Vac versions with 3-sound power variants (105, 110 or 120 dB).

  • Sound power: from 105 to 125 dBA (32 sounds available among which the NFS32001 sound)
  • Waterproof and dustproof (IP66), indoor or outdoor installation
  • Simultaneous or independent activation of siren and fire
  • 5J Xenon light (Vac) or equivalent LED (Vcc)
  • Power supply: 10/60 Vdc / 85/260 Vac
Additional information

This waterproof siren and light combination is especially suitable in gas boiler rooms thanks to its visual and acoustic performances. It aims to signal a gas leak in non-ATEX battery charging spaces as an addition to hydrogen detection. It is used in wine making as a complement to CO2 (carbon dioxide) detection or in sanitation and waste water treatment.

It is an important control element in gas or fire detection. Generally connected to a gas detection controller equipped with fixed gas detectors, it ensures the visual and audible signalling of an alarm when the threshold is exceeded or of a fault.

In addition, it can be associated with an audible and luminous display AL1 to help you identify the hazard nature.