iGas Portable CO2 detector (carbon dioxide gas)

Small, light, and easy to use, the iGas portable CO2 detector features an ultra-accurate infrared sensor for carbon dioxide detection. This device is particularly suitable for the food industry, wineries, industrial breweries, and all applications requiring the monitoring of CO2 levels in the ambient air.

  • CO2 detector with NDIR infrared cell (5 years lifetime)
  • Measurement range: 0 - 5%/vol. (0.1% vol. resolution)
  • LCD screen with a constant display of CO2 concentration & battery status
  • Very long autonomy, more than seven days
  • Very popular with an excellent price/performance ratio!
Additional information

The iGas is a portable CO2 (carbon dioxide) sensor that is particularly interesting for its price/performance ratio and high measuring accuracy. It has an infrared sensor with a minimum lifetime of 5 years, and its large LCD shows in direct time the CO2 concentration and the rechargeable battery status (charger included).

With a casing in rubber and polycarbonate, it is designed to maximize its reliability, especially in the food industry (in freon detection, especially CO2) with severe temperature and humidity conditions. With an IP66/67 protection rating, the iGas portable CO2 detector can withstand harsh conditions and operates from -20 to 50°C and under 5 to 95% relative humidity.

It features configurable audible (90dB) and visual (LED) alarms and a PC software interface (mini USB connection) for data retrieval and device configuration. With an excellent quality/price ratio, it is one of the most popular gas detectors in our wide range of portable gas detectors.

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