Disposable Coverall category 3 type 5 & 6 NS Series

The NS Series disposable Coverall is the first level of protection for category 3. It offers protection against solid particles (type 5) and low-hazard liquid chemicals in the form of a light spray (liquid aerosols, sprays) or projected at low pressure (type 6). Made of microporous polyethylene (PE), it is lightweight and comfortable to wear.

  • Single-use category 3 type 5 & 6 coveralls (liquid splash and dust protection)
  • Particularly suitable for spray paint, insecticide, and pesticide spraying
  • Made of flexible laminated microporous polyethylene (PE) for comfort
  • Available in sizes M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL
  • Excellent quality/price ratio
Additional information

The NS Series disposable Coverall is a hazmat suit with a hood, tuck-in sleeves, thumb loops, 2-piece diamond leggings, and elastic waist, hood, wrist, and ankle closures. Internal 3-thread chain stitch seams reduce the risk of thread "fluffing" for better comfort and mechanical strength.

Ergonomically sized for optimum fit and freedom of movement, the NS Series disposable Coverall provides a good seal against splashes of water-based chemicals and low pressure. It complies with the standards and regulations for chemical suits:

  • EN 340: 2002: Protective clothing, general requirements
  • EN 13982: 2004: Protection against dangerous dry particles (type 5)
  • EN 13034: 2004: Protection against reduced spraying of liquid chemicals (type 6)