White paper : Refrigerant gas detection

gas detection

Refrigerants detection in all your cold applications

Experts in respiratory protection and gas detection, and regularly called upon to support you in various refrigeration fields, the GazDetect team has compiled all the information to help you monitor refrigerant gases.


Find in this white paper all the information on refrigerant gas detection:

Refrigerants properties
Why detect refrigerant gas
Regulations and mandatory inspections
The different detection devices
Recommended equipment by fields of application
How to choose and install your detection equipment

equipment freons

Gas detectors & refrigerant leak detectors

This white paper is intended as a practical guide for refrigerant gas detection. GazDetect presents all the gas detection solutions that will allow you to make the right equipment selection:

To carry out continuous monitoring of your refrigeration installations
To inspect installations and identify refrigerant leaks
To control gases, their dangers, and reduce operating costs

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