CHEM1 type 3, 4, 5 & 6 Chemical suit

The CHEM1 chemical suit is a type 3 chemical workwear providing an efficient protection against powerful jets and directional jets of liquid chemicals and high biological risks (viral infections, contagions). It's a lightweight and waterproof suit, particularly adapted for use in the chemical industry, pollution control, pharmaceutical and hospital sectors.

  • Type 3 & 4 chemical protective suit against liquid projections in the form of continuous jets and liquid sprays
  • Recommended in the most exposing and hazardous situations : chemicals leaks, biological and bacteriological risks
  • Suit with elastic at the hood, waist, wrists and ankles
  • HDPE laminated film and sealed stitched and welded seams
  • Double zipper with storm flap for optimum security at closure
Additional information

The chemical suit type 3 CHEM1 is a reinforced protective clothing that is dust-tight, splash-tight and spray-tight against liquid chemicals and hazardous contaminants. It is composed of a full body suit with hood, built-in sleeves, 2-piece diamond leggings and elastics, padded knee pads and tightening elastics (hood, waist, wrists and ankles).

Ergonomically designed for an optimum adjustment and freedom of movement, the CHEM1 type 3 chemical suit conforms to standards and regulations for chemical protective suits :

  • EN 14605: 2005 : Tightness to liquid jets in continuous form (type 3)
  • EN 14605: 2055 : Liquid chemical protection, clothing with spray-tight seams (type 4)
  • EN 1073: 2002 : Protection against radiation contaminated particles
  • EN 14126: 2003 : Protection against infectious agents, tested on fabric only
  • EN 1149: 2005 : Antistatic requirements (surface resistance)