NUS65A 2 attachment points fall arrest and rescue harness

The NUS65A is a fall arrest and rescue harness with two attachment points. This fall protection harness combines both safety and comfort with automatic buckles and padded thigh straps. The anti-withers loops located on the thighs also prevent compression of the femoral artery in the event of a fall.

  • Polyvalent safety harness for fall arrest and rescue in accordance with the standards EN361 (work at heights) and EN1497 (safety harness)
  • 2 attachment point : 2 sternal points on a textile loop to be connected together and 1 dorsal point on a metal "D
  • Available options: removable belt and comfort backrest, extension strap, etc
  • Easy adjustment of tights and shoulder straps with quick buckles
  • Comfort pads on padded thigh straps
Additional information

The NUS65A fall arrest and rescue harness combines performances and comfort with its automatic buckles and padded thigh straps. With an excellent quality/price ratio, this 2 attachment point harness innovates with its anti-withers buckles on the thighs which reduce the effort on the wearer during a fall (compression of the femoral artery).

Available in three sizes (S, M/L or XL), the NUS65A safety harness has multiple options to make it more practical and comfortable such as a work support belt, a comfort backrest, an extension strap or a removable lanyard-holder. It is a class 3 PPE (serious or lethal risks) of French manufacture - a guarantee of quality and compliance with standards relating to fall protection - which must be subject to an annual periodic check in an approved center.