Uniphos reagent tubes

Uniphos reagent tubes are designed for the instantaneous measurement of concentrations of a wide variety of gases, vapors, and substances. It's an easy-to-use and accurate system featuring a manual sampling pump and a reagent tube specific to the gas to be detected. It's an economical solution requiring no special technical skills.

  • More than 200 colorimetric reagent tube references for measurement of over 500 gases and vapors
  • Virtually instantaneous measurement: just a few minutes are needed to measure gas concentration
  • Works in conjunction with Uniphos or Gastec hand pumps
  • No special technical skills or knowledge are required
  • Excellent value for money
Additional information

Uniphos reagent tubes are easy to use, require no specific know-how, and are maintenance-free. They give a clear, precise measurement directly on the tube. The air sample is drawn through the tube containing a chemical substance that causes a color change. The length of the colored zone indicates the gas concentration reading directly from the measurement scale printed on the tube. The piston pump and tube configuration often enable to measure on a single pump stroke.  

With almost 150 references available, Indian manufacturer Uniphos is one of the world leaders in gas measurement and detection using colorimetric reagent tubes. This simple, cost-effective method is mainly appreciated when there are no gas detectors on the market or if they are too expensive. Uniphos reagent tubes can be used with either Uniphos ASP-40 or Gastec GV-100 sampling pumps.

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