TR82 EPDM Anti-scratch and anti-solvent gas mask

The TR82 EPDM is a class 3 gas mask (the highest level of safety) with an anti-scratch and anti-solvent polycarbonate lens. Fitted with a DIN RD40 front connector, it is compatible with all filter cartridges that comply with the EN148-1 standard (40 mm universal thread). The EPDM elastomer face skirt provides excellent comfort for the user during prolonged wear.

  • EN136 class 3 approved full face mask (highest level of safety)
  • Compatible with RD DIN40 filter cartridges with 40 mm universal thread (EN148-1)
  • Heavy duty polycarbonate lens with anti-solvent and anti-scratch treatment
  • Molded outer skirt for excellent fit on the face
  • Great comfort of use even for long periods
Additional information

With an excellent quality/price ratio, the TR82 EPDM anti-scratch and anti-solvent gas mask are especially suitable for use in harsh environments such as industrial painting, sandblasting, grinding, and all sectors of activity using solvents. It is a class 3 mask, comfortable even for long periods without risk of fatigue or stress for the user.

Available in one size, the TR82 EPDM gas mask is equipped with a specific harness with five flexible and adjustable attachment points making it easy to put on and take off. The TPE inner half mask with two valves for air circulation minimizes the level of carbon dioxide and prevents fogging of the screen.

Thanks to its compatibility with all RD DIN40 filter cartridges complying with the EN148-1 standard, the TR82 EPDM anti-scratch, and anti-solvent gas mask is compatible with the wide range of Spasciani filters combining know-how and advanced technology in the filtration of organic vapors up to radioactive iodine.

A powered air purifying respirator or fresh air respirator, such as DUCT A ECO, would be better for strenuous or long-term work. Like all class 3 PPE, the TR82 gas mask is subject to annual periodic checking.