RAS Asbestos supplied air mask for asbestos removal

The RAS Asbestos supplied air mask is a positive pressure breathing apparatus that offers an unmatched level of protection against asbestos. This solution increases freedom of movement by allowing the user to enter and exit the workplace with a filter when disconnecting the breathing air device.

  • Air supply mask for asbestos removal (level 3 asbestos) and all paint spraying works
  • Design studied for asbestos removal ( easier access to decontamination airlocks & easy exit from dangerous areas)
  • Warning whistle in case of danger of breathing air supply
  • Automatic activation on first breath
  • P3SL filter in addition to the breathing air supply
Additional information

The RAS Asbestos supplied air mask (level 3) is a positive pressure system composed of a harness and of the double connection VISION mask : an inlet for the air supply and a connection for a DIN40 respiratory protection filter. It is particularly suitable for asbestos removal works or paint straying.

As with all class 3 personal protective equipment, the RAS Asbestos supplied air respirator is subject to an annual periodic check.