TL LED Light and sound combination

The TL LED is an affordable multi-purpose light and sound combination. It is used in both small and medium-sized gas and fire detection systems. Available in 24 Vdc or 230 Vac versions and with a high sound power of 100 dB, it is perfectly suitable for the tertiary and industrial sectors. Its IP66 ingress rating allows the use both outdoors and indoors.

  • Audible sound power up to 30 meters with 360° visual transmission
  • An efficient and economical combination of sound and light
  • Low power consumption thanks to its LED light
  • Available in 24 VDC or 230 VAC versions
  • Easy to install and space-saving
Additional information

The TL LED sound and light combination is an important control element in gas or fire detection. Generally connected to a gas detection controller equipped with fixed gas detectors, it provides visual and audible signals of an alarm when the threshold is exceeded or of a fault. The 24 Vdc version makes it use in addition to an autonomous detector by connecting it directly to the power supply terminals.

Thanks to its small size and high performance, this combination of light and sound are particularly suitable for all small and medium-sized installations. In the tertiary sector, it can be found in winemaking as a complement to CO2 (carbon dioxide) detection, in non-ATEX battery charging rooms as a complement to hydrogen detection, in establishments open to the public (ERP), and small gas boiler rooms in buildings as a complement to gas or fire detection. We might prefer the NEXUS-C combined sound and light system for outdoor applications subject to severe weather conditions.