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Respiratory protection rental

Hiring respiratory protective equipment can be a cost-effective relevant solution for punctual needs or short-term works. They indeed require no purchase of expensive new equipment and no downtime maintenance.

respiratory protection rental: respirator, PAPR and SAR rental

Breathing apparatus hire

Punctual or occasional needs sometimes require the use of respiratory protective devices like gas masks, powered air respirators, supplied air respirators or self-contained breathing apparatus. Thus our respiratory protection rental solution is a relevant cost-effective response for these reasons:

  • Immediate availabilitywith a huge range of respiratory protective devices
  • Ready for use equipment: all of our devices are delivered ready to use
  • Powerful approved units for optimal safety

powered air purifying respirator rental

location de maques à ventilation assistée

A compared to classic gas masks, a powered air purifying respirator is an enhanced respiratory protective equipement. It is composed of a face piece, one or several filter cartridges (against particles, gas or both), a lightweight engine and a corrugated hose.

Powered air purifying respirators should be used for demanding and tiresome tasks as well as long-term works or applications in intense heat environments. Moreover, the overpressure generated by a purifying respirator ensures a high nominal protection factor – higher than classic gas masks. 

This type of respiratory protective equipment is able to filter pollutants up to 60 times their OEL (occupational exposure limit). They can however operate only in well-ventilated areas with an oxygen rate over 19% volume. For PAPR respiratory protection rental, only cartridges are to be purchased (with recovery of unused units). Engine and disposable hood are included.

supplied air respirator rental

location de masques à adduction d'air

Air purifying respirators are not efficient once a pollutant concentration exceeds 60 times its OEL or when the oxygen rate is under 19% volume. In order to be properly protected against hazardous substances, a supplied air respirator has to be selected as it provides independent clean breathable air.

The operation mode is similar to an air purifying respirator. Breathable air comes from a breathing air cart – available for hire – or from a supplied air compressor through a corrugated hose directly into the face piece.  The main assets of this system are weight and service life. Compressed air cylinders are stored on a cart for almost no weight.

Just like air purifying respirator purchases, buying a supplied air respirator, a breathable air cart or a purifying unit for a breathable air network represents a significant investment. Supplied air respirator  as respiratory protection rental enables to considerably reduce costs while ensuring maximum protection.

GazDetect provides respiratory protection rental equipment in selected countries. Contact us for further information on our rental service!

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