Dräger OXY 3000 & OXY 6000 self-rescue masks

Chemical oxygen self-rescue masks are quick and easy to handle even in the most extreme conditions. With a very comfortable mouthpiece, they are lightweight, compact and feature low breathing resistance. 2 versions are available, one with a breathing air autonomy of 30 minutes (Oxy 3000) or 60 minutes (Oxy 6000).

  • Self-rescue masks with 30 or 60 minutes of autonomy for emergency evacuations in highly polluted environments
  • Duration of use: 10 years without maintenance or particular reconditioning (the most economic of the market in time)
  • One-handed opening mechanism for both left and right-handed users
  • Two models available: 30 or 60 minutes of breathable air
  • Antistatic materials (ideal if there is a risk of explosion)
Additional information

The Oxy 3000 and Oxy 6000 self-rescue masks are closed-circuit escape devices with high autonomy ranging from 30 to 60 minutes depending on the model, with immediate activation of the starter when it is put in place. The oxygen-poor air exhaled in the breathing bag is chemically regenerated with potassium peroxide (KO2). The carbon dioxide (CO2) also contained in the exhaled air is captured and stored.

The Dräger Oxy 3000 and 6000 self-rescue masks can be used for up to ten years without any maintenance, care, special tools or particular reconditioning. A visual inspection of the case for signs of mechanical stress in the event of an impact and the safety window ensure that the device is functioning properly.

The Oxy 3000/6000 chemical oxygen self-rescue masks are popular for emergency evacuations in confined spaces (wastewater treatment training), sanitation and water treatment. Just like SCBAs or supplied-air systems, they provide breathable air that is totally independent of the outside air.