SSR 30/100 Self-contained escape device (confined spaces)

The SSR 30/100 self-contained escape device with chemical oxygen generation is an escape breathing device that allows the user to breathe both in case of oxygen deficiency and in the presence of dangerous toxic substances. This equipment uses the principle of oxygen generation by chemical reaction to operate.

  • Self-contained emergency evacuation device in confined spaces of highly polluted environments
  • Period of use : 3 years if worn permanently, 5 years if stored (can be extended to 10 years)
  • Chemical generation of oxygen by potassium superoxyd (KO2)
  • Duration of use in work / during rest : 20 minutes / 100 minutes
  • Small, lightweight and robust device - stainless steel case
Additional information

The SSR 30/100 self-contained escape device can be activated in seconds and provide oxygen to the wearer while evacuating from the dangerous area, or while waiting for rescue. It is designed to be used in environments where there is a risk of sudden release of toxic gases or oxygen deficiency, requiring immediate respiratory protection and the use of a self-rescuer.

The chemical generation of oxygen in the self-rescue mask SSR 30/100 is produced by a potassium superoxide (KO2) cartridge which reacts with the exhaled air. The humidity and carbon dioxide of the exhaled air in the breathing bag produce a chemical reaction of the KO2 generating oxygen among others.

The duration of use of the device depends on the intensity of the user’s effort and breathing rate. Under conditions of intense effort, the volume of oxygen generated is higher than when waiting motionless, for example while waiting for help.

Like SCBAs or supplied air systems, the SSR 30/100 self-contained escape device provides breathing air that is completely independent of outside air. It is mainly used for emergency evacuations in confined spaces (wastewater treatment training).