NTREALU2 safety tripod for work in confined spaces

The NTREALU2 safety tripod is a transportable temporary anchoring device that is quick and easy to set up. The additional anchor points under the head allow the attachment of a winch and/or pulleys for automatic fall arrest and rescue system. The bases are linked by a strap that ensures the rigidity of the system regardless of the wheelbase.

  • Safety tripod for work in confined spaces: access to underground pipes, manholes, tanks, silos
  • Reinforced aluminum telescopic legs equipped with a non-slip pin for use on slippery surfaces
  • Strap to maintain the legs for better stability of the unit
  • Adjustable height from 1472 to 2295 mm with a load capacity of 200 kg
  • Complies with EN 795 (anchorage devices) and EN 1496 (rescue devices)
Additional information

The NTREALU2 is a safety tripod designed for access and rescue in narrow and hard-to-reach areas such as confined spaces or manholes. Easy to use and transport, this fall arrest personal protection equipment is adapted for a working height up to 2295mm.

The safety tripod conforms to the EN 795 (anchoring devices) and EN 1496 (lifting rescue devices) standards as well as the CATEC® device (Certificate of Ability to Work in Confined Spaces in the field of water treatment and sanitation). It is a French-made product that complies with the European fall arrest standards in force and offers a guarantee of quality and short delivery times.