VIT’O TEC Safety harness for interventions in confined spaces

The VIT’O TEC safety harness is specially designed for all types of work in confined spaces, particularly in the framework of the CATEC® measures (french Certificate of ability to work in confined spaces). It has a back attachment with a very practical strap and two sternal hooking points with strap rings. It also has a specific ergonomic belt for wearing the self-rescue mask.

  • Fall arrest and rescue harness for interventions in confined spaces in the framework of the CATEC measures
  • Sternal attachment on 2 strap rings also used for rescue operations and dorsal attachment on metal D
  • Automatic buckle and closure indicator adjusting the thigh straps and belt
  • Large polypropylene back plate for easy cleaning
  • Easy sliding of the self-rescue mask from back to front
Additional information

With its shoulder backrest in breathable 3D fabric, its comfort pads on the padded leg straps and its wide water-repellent straps, the VIT’O TEC confined spaces harness combines comfort, lightness and safety. Thanks to its high-performance adjustment and automatic locking systems, it adapts easily to all body types.

The VIT’O TEC safety harness complies to EN361 standard (PPE against fall from heights), EN1497 standard (rescue harness) as well as the CATEC measures (Certificate of Ability to Work in Confined Spaces).Available in 3 sizes (S, M/L or XL), it is equipped with a 300 daN fall indicator that is particularly useful for the periodical check of this class 3 PPE (personal protective equipment). It is a product of French manufacture which offers a guarantee of quality, short deadlines and conformity to European anti-fall standards in force, an undeniable advantage!