RSG 400 Respirator class 2

Available in neoprene rubber or silicone version and with high-performance technology, the Class 2 RSG 400 respirator operates under negative pressure with a DIN RD 40 filter (EN 148-1) or with the T-Air powered air purifying respirator (PAPR). It is a comfortable multi-purpose mask with a wide field of vision.

  • Class 2 respirator compatible with DIN 40 filters and T-Air powered air purifying respirators
  • The impact and scratch-resistant Perspex panoramic lens provides a wide field of vision and excellent visibility
  • Voice diaphragm for clear and audible voice communication
  • Natural rubber exhalation and anti-fogging valves
  • One size fits all, available in neoprene rubber or silicone
Additional information

Covering the eyes, nose, mouth, and chin, the RSG 400 Class 2 respirator is designed for use in industrial environments. It includes an impact and scratch-resistant perspex panoramic lens offering a wide field of vision without distortion. Natural rubber exhalation and inhalation valves prevent fogging and condensation inside the visor.

This full face mask is compatible with all DIN40 RD respiratory protection filters that comply with the European standard EN 148-1 and with the T-Air powered ventilation device. Like all Class 3 PPE, the RSG 400 respirator is subject to annual periodic checking.

One size fits all and any face shape mask; it is a wise choice for operators who need comfortable respiratory protection at a low cost. The RSG 400 full face mask is available in neoprene or silicone rubber, combining superior chemical permeation resistance with a soft, smooth feel.