Respiratory protection

Respiratory protection is essential for users of processes that emit harmful dust. Whether in agriculture with plant protection, painting, or sandblasting, operators must feature respiratory equipment that protects the face, respiratory tract, and skin. The devices (masks, hoods, chemical protection suits) differ following the field of activity and the type of work.

Phytosanitary treatment protection

protection lors d'un traitement phytosanitaire

Phytosanitary treatment is much much popular in French agriculture today. It offers soil and crops protection from external pests and thus increases the yield of harvests. But the products used (pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, chemical fertilizers) are very toxic for humans. While phytosanitary treatment masks (half mask, full mask, powered air purifying mask) offer essential respiratory protection, the hazmat suit ensures safety for the skin.

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Personal protection equipment paint

protection against painting projections

Despite the reduction of paint and varnish toxicity, the fumes from the products are still a health risk for the users. Respiratory protection is recommended and will vary following the type of work: half mask, full-face mask, supplied air respiratory system or powered air purifying device. In addition, disposable or reusable paint protection suits can be used against possible allergies or skin irritations caused by paint and varnish splashes.

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Hoods and masks for sandblasting

Sandblasting protection applications

Sandblasting is used in many fields (decoration, construction, aeronautics, automobile industry, etc.) to clean or strip surfaces by projecting natural minerals at a very high speed. Depending on the work, we can opt for sandblasting, airbrushing (hard-to-reach areas requiring precision), or shot-peening (structure modification). These diverse technologies generate harmful dust requiring maximum protection: full face masks, hoods, and air-supply systems for long work.

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