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VOC respiratory protection: particulates & organic vapor respirator

VOCs – volatile organic compounds – are highly toxic in many fields of activity and their effects on human health depend on their nature. The main hazard – which is oftentimes unknown – is their toxicity at lower concentration levels which requires  VOC respiratory protection.

VOC respiratory protection: particule & organic vapor respirator
  • VOC respiratory protection: VOC mask

    VOC effects on health can vary from simple olfactory disturbance to various irritations, breathing capacities reduction, and even mutagenic disorders. The primary VOC respiratory protection is a particulate respirator, also known as gas mask, equipped with AX or AXP3 VOC respirator cartridges for occasional or short-term applications.

    While VOC gas masks are cost-effective, gas mask respirators and filter cartridges are not well-suited for demanding or long duration work. Because the user will have to perform a high breathing effort (negative pressure), this type of equipment will cause discomfort and tiredness after a while.

  • Organic vapor & particulates powered air purifying respirator - VOC PAPR

    Air purifying respirators are positive pressure respiratory protective devices. Thus the breathing effort is reduced as a motorized blower injects filtered air directly into the face piece through a corrugated hose. A PAPR’s main asset is the breathing effort reduction

    Scott Safety’s Proflow3 EX air purifying respirator has been especially designed for gases that require AX filters (mainly volatile organic compounds, ideal for VOC respiratory protection). It is the only efficient air purifying respirator for organic vapors and particulates on the market.

  • Organic vapor & particulates powered air purifying respirator (VOC PAPR)

    The Proflow3 EX is dedicated to VOC respiratory protection. This ATEX breathing device uses an AXP3 organic vapor & particulates respirator cartridge and features many safety implementations to reduce hazardous concentrations inhalation:

    • Air flow microprocessor management: the enhanced air flow prevents filter heating, which increases AX molecules elimination.
    • Complete audible alarm system is triggered when low battery levels or an insufficient purified air flow are detected by the device.
    • Designed for long duration work: between 7 and 15 hours of use on one 6 hours charge; and reduced breathing constraint thanks to a positive pressure system.
    • Large range of accessories and VOC respiratory protective masks to meet the needs of every field of activity.

    AX-P3 combined filter layout

    voc respiratory protection: organic vapor respirator cartridge & particulates powered air purifying respirator VOC PAPR

    Filtering VOC respiratory protection  devices shall be used only when the oxygen rate is superior to 19.5%.

Our VOC respiratory protection equipements :

The X-plore 8000 is a powered air purifying respirator especially designed to provide a reliable and convenient respiratory protection solution. Fully modular, this system can operate for at least 4 hours with only one charge for safe applications.

  • The X-plore 8000 PAPR respirator system by Dräger enhanced positive pressure respirator
  • Rugged design for daily use
  • Modular and versatile
  • Comfortable and secured with rubber protectors
  • Easy to disassemble for easy servicing
  • Compatible with a large range of accessories
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The X-plore 6300 is a respiratory protective full face respirator. Cost effective, this is an ideal solution for industrial applications, providing users comfort and air purifying performance.

  • The X-plore 6300 full face respirator, a single filter gas mask by Dräger
  • Universal size
  • Large field of view
  • Hypoalergenic material
  • Integrated ventilation system
  • Compatible with X-plore Rd 40 filter series
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The new Aviva 40 half mask respirator is a combination of advanced technologies for personal safety and comfort of use. This gas mask is available in several sizes (S, M, L).

  • Half mask respirator: Aviva 40 gas mask with RD DIN40 universal filter
  • Comfortable and durable gas mask
  • Hybrid reflex dual seal
  • Compatible with the Pro2000 filter series RD DIN40
  • Improved voice intelligibility
  • For use with other PPE such as protective goggles
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The X-plore 9300 is a supplied air respirator that provides constant air flow to its user. Especially designed for simple industrial applications, this device offers comfort of use and improved safety.

  • The X-plore 9300 supplied air respirator by Drager, SAR system for better safety
  • 3 to 10 bar inlet pressure
  • Integrated pressure reducer
  • Safe air flow adjustment
  • Robust and easy to use
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