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Escape respirator or SCSR self-rescuer

An emergency breathing apparatus is a respiratory protective unit for emergency evacuations. Two categories exist: air purifying devices like an escape respirator which feature a filter; and air supplying devices like SCSR self-rescuers that are dedicated to emergency evacuations in confined space, poorly oxygenated or toxic environments.

escape respirator and SCSR mask for emergency evacuation from toxic environments

Emmergency breathing apparatus are respiratory protective devices for emergency evacuations. They are regulated through the DIN 58847-7 standard for air purifying units – escape respirator – and the DIN EN 13794 standard for air supplying units – EEBDs and SCSR devices. They can only be used in this special case (emergency evacuation) and are not designed for use in on-site interventions or rescue operations.

  • Escape respirator

    An escape respirator is a respiratory protective device for emergency evacuations. These escape devices are composed by half-masks or hoods equipped with an ABEK specific filter. Like gas masks, they are effective to protect their users against organic, inorganic (except carbon monoxide) and acid substances, sulfur and ammonia compounds but offer a 15 minutes lifetime (time to evacuate).

    As they are air purifying devices, an emergency escape respirator and emergency escape hood can only be used if the oxygen rate in ambient air is above 19% volume.

  • Scsr – self-contained self-rescue device

    An SCSR - or self-contained self-rescuer - is an emergency solution safer than air purifying escape respirators. This respiratory protective equipment is a closed circuit atmosphere supplying respirator. This means that air is expired in the SCSR bag, then filtered and re-oxygenated, renewed to be breathable again.

    Because of their properties, SCSRs are perfectly suitable for confined space applications or for interventions in poorly oxygenated areas like mines. There are two categories of self-rescuer masks:

    . Chemical oxygen self-rescuer that uses a KO2 cartridge (potassium superoxide), which chemically reacts with the expired air in the bag to produce oxygen complement

    . Compressed oxygen self-rescuer which uses a small compressed oxygen cylinder to re-oxygenate expired air

    In both cases, the SCSR chemical process will trap CO2 (carbon dioxide) contained in the expired air.

Our escape respirator and SCSR range:

Mini filtering device for an emergency escape the PARAT 1200 with mouthpiece, nose-clip and ABEK filter. It goes to any face and gives an optimum protection against gas and toxic industrial steams.

  • Small filtering escape mask PARAT 1200
  • Anti-gaz ABEK filter with 10 minutes of breakthrough time
  • Holded in a pocket or to the belt with its integrated clip
  • Shelf life : 4 years with the standard version and 6 years with the tropicalized one
  • Transparent box – quickly visible items
  • Certified DIN 58647-7
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The M20.2 is the world’s smallest emergency escape breathing device (or EEBD). Compact, lightweight and ergonomic, it can be easily belt-mounted.

  • emergency escape breathing device M20.2
  • On use / stand-by duration : 15-20 minutes / 32 minutes
  • Donning time : less than 10 seconds.
  • Compact and lightweight: 18.3 x 16.5 x 7.9 cm – less than 1 kg.
  • Can be refurbished after use.
  • Compressed oxygen air supply.
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Equipped with an ABEK-15 filter, the Draeger Parat 3100 escape respirator is an EEBD that provides around 15 minutes of respiratory protection to its user. This escape device is an easy to use respiratory PPE efficient against many toxic gases and substances.

  • emercency escape breathing device Parat 3100 escape respirator mask
  • Easy to put on and to use.
  • Adapted to in any morphology (universal size).
  • Tropical version available.
  • ATEX (zones 0, 1, 2, 20, 21, 22), DIN 58647 (CE 0158) certified.
  • 12 years lifespan (maintenance and filter replacement every 4 years).
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The PARAT 3200 is a mouthpiece equipped with a specific ABEK filter. This device ensures protection against acid, organic, inorganic (except CO) substances, sulfur dioxide and ammonia.

  • Self-rescuer mask Parat 3200
  • Compact design – easy carrying in a pocket or on a belt
  • Maintenance free throughout full filter shelf life
  • Airtight design – safe and hygienic protection
  • Compatibility with other PPE – glasses, helmets…
  • ATEX and DIN 58647-7 certified
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Equipped with an ABEK-15 filter against toxic gases, particles and vapors, the PARAT 4700 emergency escape hood features a large field of view with an anti-fog coating. It provides its user an emergency respiratory protection for at least 15 minutes in case of an emergency escape.

  • Escape hood, escape respirator hood PARAT 4700
  • Easy operation with instructional housing
  • Optimized use and safety
  • Fits any morphology
  • ATEX (zones 0, 1, 2, 20, 21, 22), DIN 58647-7 approved
  • 16 years service life – filter replacement after 8 years
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The Dräger PARAT 7500 combined escape hood (for industry & fire) is equipped with an ABEK CO P3 filter to filter toxic gases, vapors and particles from an industrial accident or generated in a fire.

  • Dräger PARAT 7500 escape hood for industry & fire
  • Combined protection against industrial gas and fire hazards
  • Minimum 15 minutes autonomy
  • ABEK CO P3 high performance filter
  • 16 years lifespan
  • Optimized comfort and visibility
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Equipped with a CO-P2 filter against fire-related gases, particles and toxic vapors, the Parat 5500 fire escape hood provides respiratory protection while escaping. With this EEBD the user has at least 15 minutes to evacuate a dangerous area.

  • drager Emergency escape hood PARAT 5500
  • Easy operation thanks to instructions and pictograms on the housing.
  • User friendly – wide field of view, anti-fog coating.
  • Universal size to fit everyone.
  • ATEX (0, 1, 2, 20, 21, 22 zones), DIN 58647-7 certified.
  • 16 years service life (provided the filter is changed after 8 years).
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Well-suited for emergency evacuation from confined spaces, the OXY 3000/6000 is a SCSR self-contained self-rescue device that chemically produces breathable air. Different versions offer from 30 up to 60 minutes autonomy.

  • drager SCSR oxy 3000 6000 oxygen self rescuer for emergency escape
  • Up to 60 minutes autonomy.
  • Shock absorbent shell to protect the device.
  • Safety Eye for easy visual safety check.
  • Dimensions: 265 x 217 x 125 mm for less than 4 kg.
  • Approved in compliance with SA 89/686/CEE DIN EN 13794 standards and Australian coal mining.
  • Storage shelf life up to 10 years.
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The SSR 30/100 self-rescuer chemically produces oxygen for emergency evacuation in case of oxygen deficiency or presence of chemical substances.

  • Self-rescuer mask SSR30/100
  • Robust, compact and lightweight – stainless steel housing
  • User-friendly, can be belt mounted
  • Oxygen generation upon request
  • Long shelf life
  • Complies with EN 401 standard
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