SCOTT Pro 2000 Respiratory protection filters

SCOTT Pro 2000 filters, combining lightness and low breathing resistance, are compatible with all full-face masks complying with the EN 136 standard and half masks complying with the EN 140 standard. The available range covers the entire field of respiratory filter application, all conforming to European standards and bearing the CE mark.

  • Respiratory protection filters Universal DIN 40 mm connection, by EN 148-1 standard
  • Compatible with full-face masks (EN 136) and half masks (EN 140)
  • Three ranges of filters: particulate, anti-gas, and combined filters
  • Large absorption surface to avoid the risk of clogging
  • Filters marked "R" for "Reusable"
Additional information

SCOTT Pro 2000 Rd40 filters are compatible with Promask FM3 and VISION FM4 masks, but due to their universality, they can be used with all the full-face respirators with a 40 mm universal thread under EN 148-1 standard. They are also compatible with Proflow 2 SC powered ventilation devices.