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Lone worker protection, PASS

A PASS (personal alert safety system), also called lone worker protection device, is an electronic device intended to be worn by personnel working alone and/or in hazardous situation. This lone worker protection device can trigger alerts if necessary.

GazDetct Lone worker protection, PASS

  • Lone worker protection

    In many countries around the world there is a well-defined legal framework that compels employers to equip their employees working alone with warning and protection devices for lone workers, thus subjecting them to staff safety obligations.

    Many professions fall into the lone worker category. Examples include confined and / or isolated areas, sanitation professionals, freelance workers, night shift workers, and so on. There are lone workers in a wide variety of industries. The equipment of these individuals with a personal alert safety system (PASS) for lone workers is often mandatory and selection of the device will be based on the worker’s activity and its specificities.

  • Personal alert safety systems for lone worker protection

    A PASS (personal alert safety system), more commonly known as a lone worker protection device, or man down signal is a device used by one (or more) "out of sight" workers. This type of alert system often has two alarm types:

    • A manual or voluntary alarm, triggered by the carrier to request help in case of minor injury, attempted assault, etc.
    • An automatic alarm, triggered in case of verticality loss, sudden temperature (fire, explosion), no movement, tearing, etc.

    Several versions of personal alert safety systems are available, from the simple audible and visual alarm to the more advanced devices with alarm report on a receiver and GPS localization for immediate assistance intervention... Today manufacturers develop GPS tracked PASS, able to communicate wirelessly over 2G or 3G network, and able to transmit alerts to an online live platform (internal to a company or organization) and to dedicated alert management call centers available 24/7 worldwide.

    These new generation PASS devices are found in many industries and applications, such as confined space entry and in the field of water & wastewater treatment.

  • PASS lone worker protection regulation

    In many countries the Labor Code governs employers’ obligations regarding lone worker protection. Clear regulations are in place to ensure good safety level for people working alone or in difficult environments, by providing them with PASS devices for isolated workers.

    Learn more on lone worker protection regulations.

PASS for lone workers

Personal alert safety system, or man down signal, designed to notify others in case of distress, the Bodyguard 1000 is free of periodic maintenance and features straightforward push button functionality.

  • Draeger BODYGUARD 1000 personal alert safety system man down signal for distress situations
  • Simple to use and easy maintenance
  • Compatible with all SCBAs
  • High profile audible and visual alarms
  • Data log of incident history
  • Temperature control
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The Blackline G7c combined geolocated PASS and portable gas detector works on the basis of a 1 to 5 years subscription that includes the alarm center service available each time there’s an alert on the device. This ATEX equipment offers a complete PASS (personal alert safety system for lone workers) integrated to a geolocated & connected single gas or multi gas detector available also with a walkie-talkie function.

NH3, CO, CO2, Cl2, ClO2, H2S, H2, HCN, combustible gas, O2, VOC, SO2, O3 monitoring

  • Blackline Safety G7c- GPS tracked multi gas or single gas monitor & personnal alert system
  • Modular configuration, monitoring up to 5 gases
  • GPS tracking & 2G / 3G connection
  • 24/7 safety alert center service
  • Blackline Live safety monitoring online portal for live tracking
  • Complete PASS with PTT button (push to talk)
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The G7c Geolocated PASS is an ATEX personal alert safety system permanently connected to the Blackline Monitoring Center or to your internal online safety dashboard. This lone worker protection device can detect falls, immobility (man down signal) and signal incidents using the panic button. In addition, the Blackline Safety G7c also offers a walkie-talkie function that connects all users of a safety network on the same channel.

  • Blackline G7c geolocated pass
  • 24/7 Blackline Monitoring Center
  • PASS device with PTT button (push to talk)
  • Fall and immobility monitoring, automatic and manual alarm release
  • GPS location refreshed each 5 mins (5m precision)
  • 18 hours blife of 18h in normal use
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The Ventis Pro5 detector is equipped with new features such as a panic button to improve safety of workers evolving in hazardous areas.

Detection of the combustible gases, NH3, CO, CO/H2S, H2S, HCN, NO2, O2, SO2, CO2, HC.

  • Dimensions: 104 x 58 x 36 mm – weight: 200 grams without pump
  • Audible (95 dB), LED visual (2 red and 2 blue) and vibrating alarms
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery with optional extended battery
  • Polycarbonate housing with waterproof rubber overmold (IP68)
  • Datalogging over 3 months with 10 seconds interval
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