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Although our portable gas detectors (single-gas, multi-gas and gas area monitors) are well suited for almost any field of activity, some portable gas detector accessories are available to ensure measurement accuracy and to meet the most specific and demanding requirements.

fixed and portable gas detector accessories

  • fixed and portable gas detector accessories: calibration gas cylinder

    A calibration gas cylinder features a clearly determined gas concentration (usually half of the measuring range). They are designed to perform gas detector calibration and periodical checkings. They are also used for bump testing every device before use. These processes are made to ensure proper operation and accuracy of gas detection equipment. Our large range of calibration gases fits almost any application and can be quickly delivered.

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  • portable gas detector accessories: calibration station

    This is a docking station linked to a calibration gas cylinder to perform portable gas detectors bump tests and calibrations. When performed manually, these operations are time-consuming and laborious. Using a calibration station enable people to spare time and have greater efficiency, also edit last incidents and calibration certificates. A docking station requires a computer only to download reports and access events data.

  • datalink software

    The unit is composed by a dock and a USB cable to connect to a computer and a software. This useful device allows user to download stored data from gas detectors and area gas monitors. This gas detection accessory gives an easy overview on alarm reports and registered events.

  • vsp slide on pump

    This sampling pump is the main accessory for the MX4-Ventis portable multi-gas detector. This slide-on pump allows remote samplings – e. g. for confined space. Thus the VSP sampling pump is a reliable tool and benefits users who primarily use a portable gas detector as a personal protective equipment and need remote monitoring as well. Moreover, no tools are required to attach or remove the pump from a monitor.

Our accessories for portable gas detectors :

The Dräger pump for the Dräger X-am 200, 5000 and 5600 portable gas detectors is a clip-on remote gas sampling pump for performing gas concentration measurements (sampling) in hard-to-reach places or for testing before entry into confined spaces (access authorizations).

  • Pompe X-am pour détecteurs gaz portables X-am 2500, 5000, 5600
  • Compatible with Dräger X-am 2500, 5000 and 5600 detectors
  • 20h battery life in continuous use
  • IP67 waterproof and dustproof, operating from 20 to + 50 ° C
  • Remote sampling up to 45 m away
  • ATEX Ex zone 0 approved
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The VSP is well-suited for workers who basically use a gas detector as a personal protective equipment but who may sometimes need a pump for confined space entry.

  • Gas detectors accessories Slide-on pump VSP
  • Powered by its own battery pack
  • 3 battery versions: lithium-ion, long-length lithium-ion or alkaline
  • Conveninent and efficient sampling up to 15 meters
  • No tool required to connect to the detector
  • Same battery pack and charger than for the Ventis-MX4
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Accurate calibration gas to calibrate protective atmosphere gas analyzers.

  • Gas detectors accessories Calibration gas cylinders
  • 60 months shelf-life cylinders
  • Several gases and concentrations available (see specification sheet)
  • Ideal for low volume applications
  • Compact and lightweight for easy operation
  • Optional flow regulators for any type of gas

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  • Gas detectors accessories Calibration station DS2
  • Automatic launch of the calibration or the bump test.
  • Easy to use and intuitive with three buttons.
  • Allow the user to print calibration reports.
  • Easy access to your portable gas detector menu.
  • Available for GASBADGE PRO, TANGO, MX4-Ventis and MX6.

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Manual calibration and bulmp test of gas detectors need a lot of time. The V-Cal calibration station allows the user to calibrate or test its devices by only pushing a button.

  • Gas detectors accessories Calibration station V-Cal
  • Easy to use with two buttons “Bump test” and “Calibration”.
  • Opportunity to conect a computer in order to print or save your calibration reports.
  • Automatic launch of the calibration or the bump test.
  • Registration of up to 150 bump test and calibration records.
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