POLI N2O Portable nitrous oxide detector

Compact and precise, the POLI N2O is a portable nitrous oxide detector (N2O) for the measurement and control of N2O concentrations in the medical field (surgical rooms, dental offices, veterinary clinics), wastewater treatment, nitrogen fertilizer manufacturing or pollution control of vehicles equipped with catalytic converters.

  • Portable N2O detector for monitoring nitrous oxide (nitrogen protoxide) concentrations in the atmosphere
  • Calculation of the average exposure value and the professional exposure limit value (PEV)
  • Very easy to use with its intuitive navigation and large backlit LCD screen
  • Audible, luminous and vibrating alarm + “Man down” alarm
  • Archiving and retrieval of data for later analysis
Additional information

The POLI N2O portable nitrous oxide detector is equipped with a standard gas sampling pump and can be used in diffusion or aspiration mode as required by operating the pump switch. Its very intuitive 2-button navigation and large backlit LCD display make it a practical and easy-to-use device. It is equipped with a measurement and event recorder and a "Man Down" type lone worker alert system for increased safety.

The POLI N2O is a variation of the WatchGas POLI portable detector with a nitrous oxide infrared sensor. It can receive up to 3 other sensors among more than 30 interchangeable sensors that can transform it into a 6 gas detector: Catalytic sensor for flammable gases, infrared sensor for explosive gases and carbon dioxide (CO2), electrochemical sensor for toxic gases and PID lamp with photoionization for volatile organic compounds.