VISION FM4 Panoramic mask Rd40 side connector EN148-1

The VISION FM4 is a panoramic mask Rd40 with a threaded side connector compatible with all filters that meet the EN148-1 standard (universal thread of 40 mm). It offers a true attraction in terms of visibility (98% of the field of vision) with its vertical and horizontal curvature visor without visual distortion. It is the best visibility mask on the market.

  • Panoramic respiratory protection mask with an almost total field of vision (98%) without visual distortion
  • EN136 Class 3 approved (the highest level of safety) and resistant to impact, chemicals, and high temperatures
  • 5-point rubber harness or 2-point mesh or F1 helmet attachments
  • LSR face seal made of liquid silicone rubber for absolute comfort
  • Available in 3 sizes for a better fit
Additional information

The VISION FM4 panoramic mask is famous for its almost total field of vision and widely acclaimed comfort. It is well-known in the asbestos industry, using it under negative pressure with a P3 respiratory protection filter (fine particles) or with the Proflow2 SC ventilation system.

The DIN Rd40 side connector allows the connection of a filter or a powered air purifying respirator, providing a clear field of vision. The face seal, made of LSR (liquid silicone rubber), combines comfort with the flexibility of silicone. The specific internal mask with non-return valves minimizes CO2 levels and fogging.

The VISION FM4 full face mask is available in 3 sizes for a better fit and with a standard 5-point harness, 2-point mesh, or with F1 attachment for firefighter helmets. The panoramic visor is reinforced in the standard version to ensure resistance to solvents and scratches with minimal maintenance costs.

Like all class 3 PPE, the VISION FM4 panoramic mask is subject to an annual periodic checking.