With a wide range of gases and substances detected, the DEGA manufacturer offers high performance gas detection solutions (stationary detectors and gas controllers) with excellent value for money. ISO 9001: 2015 certified, DEGA is a partner of GazDetect in France and internationally.

DEGA fixed gas detectors

DEGA fixed gas detectors have a very wide range of gas detection sensors using various technologies (electrochemical, semiconductor, infrared, catalytic, PID) for maximum precision. NB III (safe zones), NS II & NS III (ATEX zones) detectors offer various connection and communication protocols (4-20mA, RS485, Modbus) allowing easy adaptation in many applications. They are available with many options such as an LCD display, a 3-relay card, a one-month data archiving memory module and even a buzzer.

DEGA gas detection controllers

DEGA UPA III and UKA III gas detection controllers allow up to 8 and 32 gas detectors to be connected respectively (RS485 connections). Their large LCD screen offers clear indications for system control and maintenance. With 5 relay outputs (plus 2 signaling outputs for the UPA III controller) these units offer excellent performance at a very affordable price.

DEGA gas detection systems composed of fixed detectors and a controller unit are perfectly suited to many applications and environments such as car parks, laboratories, or industry.

Our DEGA authorized team

Dega is a partner of GazDetect

DEGA is a partner of GazDetect in France and internationally. Our collaboration with the brand allows us to have the brand's equipment, sensors and spare parts in stock in order to guarantee you a responsive service. Our team of technicians is authorized and works in our workshop or on site for the installation and maintenance of your DEGA gas detection systems.